Ste’s trying to clean the Lovedays’ with kids Leah and Lucas getting under his feet. When Simone finds out Ste is cleaning her flat and not Leela, she heads home and feels helpless when she walks in to find crayon on the walls, Leah and Lucas playing with her clothes and Ste cooking pasta! She orders him to leave and Leela tells her brother to stay away from them.

Cleo begs Nathan to let her go as he drives recklessly towards the spot where Rachel died. She tries desperately to tell him it wasn’t her that was driving but he’s not listening and suddenly comes to a halt. Nathan breaks down in tears and tells a terrified Cleo to get out of the car. Nathan’s a broken man as he stands on the top of the City Wall. Holly finds him and promises to help him but she pulls away when he tries to kiss her. Meanwhile, with no one for her to talk to at home, Cleo meets Pete and asks if they can run away together.

Also, Kim gets another text from Lindsey, which says they should be together. Kim meets Lindsey on the back road and they drive away…

And Marnie is on the back foot when Freddie threatens to tell everyone she still loves Mac.