Simone and Zack are heartbroken when Sonia says her goodbyes. Zack makes one last effort to persuade her to stay but she gets into a taxi. Lisa’s astounded when Simone decides to drive to the airport to stop Sonia. Lisa notices her mum is drunk and, although Lisa tries to stop Simone from getting in the car, she doesn’t listen, so Lisa feels forced to call the police.

Later, Louis is worried about where Simone has got to – but the family is stunned when Simone returns and reveals she was arrested for drink driving. When Simone works out it was Lisa who called the police, the whole family turn their backs on the long-lost daughter.

Meanwhile, James tries to apologise to John Paul about last night even though he didn’t sleep with the other man. John Paul suggests James should get some counselling.

Also, Peri finds herself in an awkward position when Maxine asks for her help. Racked with guilt, Peri tells Maxine that she and Nico are responsible for her losing the baby. Peri also reveals that Nico poisoned Tom. Later, Nico’s furious with Peri and drugs her.