Simone tells a gutted Cindy that they’re leaving and encourages Louis to let go of Lisa – she’s not coming back. Louis and Simone have a sudden change of heart, though, and tell Zack they aren’t moving. Instead they decide to plant a tree in memory of their missing daughter. When they return home, they find a hooded intruder… it’s Lisa!

Meanwhile, Tegan is feeling guilty about their scam, unlike Scott. Diane and Mr King tell Tony they are dropping the sole custody bid – Mr King was the unknown number that Tony rang. They’re suspicious about Tegan, so Tony and Diane decide to follow her, but she leads them to Sam and Danny’s graves – Tegan knew she was being followed. Elsewhere, Diane invites Tony to go with her to stay at her mum’s house as friends, but he dreams of a reconciliation.  

Also, Patrick and Theresa return and meet Ben. Sienna attempts to build bridges with Theresa, while Patrick tells Sienna that Ben is no good for her. Later, Patrick and Theresa bump into a cosy-looking Maxine and Darren. Maxine says she will never give up on her daughter.