Simon’s life hangs in the balance

Simon lies bleeding as Mitch waits on the estate for him. Mitch sees Mikey run off and then hears Jaza shout that Simon has been stabbed. He runs in and helps Simon stop the bleeding before he passes out.

Simon is taken to St Phil’s, where an anxious Cherry is comforted by Mitch. The next morning Cherry goes to The Mill and tells them what happened to Simon. Julia and Elaine go to see him but are unsettled to see Jaza there, who says she’s finished with Mikey.

Julia is concerned it’ll take Simon a while to get over this but he seems optimistic. Later Cherry goes to see Simon and tries to get him to move in with her but Simon insists he’ll be better off at home.

Mitch arrives and Cherry feels slightly sidelined as Mitch and Simon flirt. She decides to go, looking back sadly as she does – are they losing him?

Meanwhile, Jimmi is unnerved when he realises that one of his patients may have been buried in her back garden by her own husband.

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