Simon’s life is in danger!

Flo Donley berates her daughter Morag for wasting time fantasising about getting married. Morag visits Simon to ask for something to calm her nerves for her wedding. She tells Simon that she hasn’t told her mother and Simon encourages her to stand up for herself. Morag goes home and hides a recently bought wedding dress under a tree.

Simon realises he has lost his keys. Morag has stolen them and lets herself into his house. She touches his possessions and climbs into his bed.

When Morag gets home Flo argues with her and locks her in a shed because she has found the wedding dress. Morag calls Simon for help and Flo is arrested when she admits to the police that she murdered her daughter’s ex fiance. But it soon becomes clear that Morag is the killer and that she believes her and Simon are getting married when she appears in the wedding dress. Morag chases Simon with a gun but it goes off when she trips and drops it. Morag’s body lies on the floor.

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