Sinead confides in Diane

Sinead confronts Amber about her diary. Diane overhears and immediately suspects Rob is the father of Amber’s baby. Under pressure Amber reveals the father is in fact Finn. Later, Diane and Sinead decide that Amber can’t live under their roof and that Finn must never find out that they know the truth. Sinead tells Gabby that Diane no longer wants to adopt Amber’s baby and Tony, Gabby, Taylor and Amber leave

Seth tells Jasmine that he knows about Jason, and that now Ruth is out on bail it won’t be long till everyone else knows too. Later, back at the Costello’s Mitzeee’s mum Trish turns up with a girly necklace as a present for Jasmine. Clearly distressed Jasmine tries to avoid wearing it, but over dinner Seth tries to make her reveal all. Later, The Costello’s get the shock of their lives when Jasmine comes down with short hair and dressed as Jason.

Brendan and Ste go on a date to a gay bar. Brendan is clearly uncomfortable and says he’s going to the bathroom. But after sending a text to Cheryl saying he’s going back to Ireland, he heads off in a taxi as Warren watches on.

Also; Ethan tries to get Theresa on a date.

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