Sinead feels guilty as Katy is taken to hospital

Sinead ignores Ruby’s advice and heads out again. She’s approached by a good looking, younger man who unknown to her is a cop! In the hotel room, when DS Trent goes to the bathroom, Sinead lunges for his wallet and starts rifling through the wod of cash. He catches her red handed. However, it seems he’s not there to arrest her but to sleep with her and offers her £200.  Sinead returns home to see Katy being carried into an ambulance by Finn and Diane.  The O’Connors are transfixed as baby Katy lies lifeless in a hospital bed being drip-fed antibiotics. Sinead can’t believe she wasn’t there for her daughter and is ashamed about selling herself to DS Trent.

Sienna ignites Darren’s suspicions about Nancy’s addiction, but it’s clear he is beginning to come suspicious.

Esther appeals to Tilly during John Paul’s drama revue, by going off script in front of the audience and the teens decide to be together.

When JP’s back is turned, Danny takes a call and lies about his whereabouts before telling the caller that he loves them – what’s he up to? And will John Paul be left feeling dejected once more.