Sinead is horrified by Chesney’s decision to let Joseph go

As Katy pours her heart out, Chesney tells her she and Joseph can move to Portugal as he knows they’ll have a better life. When Chesney visits Sinead, he explains that he missed her physio session as he was making the decision to let Katy take Joseph to Portugal. She’s horrified and Chesney begins to regret his decision.

In a panic Gail lies to Michael, telling him she was checking the payroll as she’s been underpaid. Nick blames himself and is grateful when Steph offers to do it for him from now on. Furious at being forced to lie to her own son, Gail snaps at Andy.

Billy and Sean try to iron out their differences as Billy explains that because of his position as vicar, their relationship must remain under wraps.

Sharif pretends he’s put his back out and asks Kal and Zeedan to read the chickens their bedtime story.