Sinead is offered an indecent proposal

Sinead tells Ruby about her indecent proposal. Later, Ste asks again for Sinead’s rent and suggests she move out if she hasn’t got it. Sinead thinks she has no other option and calls Frank – she’ll accept his offer but for £500. She meets him at a hotel and when he goes to the bathroom, she spies his wallet and legs it with the contents. She throws a celebratory party at the flat, but when she goes to get Ste’s rent, she realises someone’s nicked it!

Ste tries to deter Vincent and Phoebe from getting a fake passport, knowing it will involve Trevor. George decides he needs to tell Phoebe what happened between him and Vincent – she’s falling in love with him and will get hurt. Later, Phoebe calls Trevor, his face lights up when she tells him her name – Phoebe McQueen.

Leanne and Dennis are excitedly planning their wedding when Doug overhears. It’s awkward between him and Leanne. She forgives him but needs answers from Will, prompting a flat meeting.

Also, Ash is preoccupied with what she saw last night – can Will walk?