Sinead volunteers herself as a mole to work in Trevor’s club. Trevor gives Sinead a ‘test run’ before offering her the job entertaining his clients. Later, Ste finds a broken Sinead, sitting down in the shower. She has a plan – she’s going to blackmail her next client to get enough money to run away.

The atmosphere is electric as George and Vincent work happily together decorating the McQueens for Phoebe’s 17th birthday.

However, when Vincent receives a letter about his friend, Akin, being deported the atmosphere turns sour. Phoebe decides to get back in touch with Trevor, who demands £500 for a fake passport. She asks Dr. Browning for help, but he has another plan for Phoebe…

The Roscoe boys confront a puzzled Jack about the ‘affair’ he’s having with Sandy. Their mum tracks them down and warns them to stop meddling in her love life.