Sinead panics when she gets a court summons through the door. She tells DS Sykes that Trent should have got her conviction quashed and he’s intrigued by what Sinead knows about his missing colleague. She asks Freddie for help, who tells Trevor. Trevor demands that Freddie watch Sinead 24/7 and he’ll hold him responsible if she blabs.

Uncle Ken pleads his innocence but he and his wife are forced out of the Roscoe home. Their worried auntie Jean returns when her husband goes missing – what have Robbie’s brothers done?

Lindsey is shocked to see Jean and Ken at the hospital – Ken unconscious hooked up to an I/V drip. Sandy is suspicious that Joe and Freddie are responsible as they both try to hide the evidence from the rest of the family. Joe is arrested for grievous bodily harm – but was he to blame?

Vincent is made to make a difficult decision, but he is unsure who to choose. George? Or Phoebe? Finally, Vincent promises Phoebe that it’s her he wants and he is going away to be cured.