Sinead leaves a shocking note for Joe

Sinead writes a Christmas card to Joe with a message ‘Did you know that Freddie is in love with your fiancée?’ She leaves it tearfully on Joe’s bedside table.

It’s Christmas day in the village and Holly goes to Sandy’s wedding and asks Jason if he wants to go somewhere more private. They’re awkward as they prepare to have sex. Meanwhile, the Dog jetty is beautifully decorated for the wedding. Ray turns up dressed as Father Christmas and gives Robbie a box to hand to Fraser and tells him to say ‘Grace says Merry Christmas’. However, Robbie leaves it on the table.

After the ceremony, Sinead and Lindsey square up to each other over Freddie, who steps in between them and proposes to Sinead. Meanwhile, Robbie finally remembers to give Fraser the box from Ray, which contains a lock of Grace’s hair and a phone number. Ray blackmails Fraser to get him £2m by Monday or Grace dies. Freddie is shocked when he overhears Trevor calling Fraser ‘boss’.

Grace goes to The Dog too but is grabbed by Ray’s heavies and driven away. It’s awkward between Lindsey and Freddie but they promise each other to go back to the way things were. They hug, but Sinead gets the wrong impression when she sees them.

Elsewhere, the residents look on as a limo pulls into the village and an immaculately dressed Mercedes emerges – she’s in the money. Full of festive cheer, Mercedes gives Cindy a cheque for £10k.