Sinead meets her real mum…

Sinead goes to meet her real mum Morag – will they get along?

Lynsey screams as Riley rushes to her aid and scares the intruder off – he makes chase but there’s no sign of the attacker. Ethan questions Lynsey and she realises a ring is missing; the intruder must have wrestled it from her finger. Unable to sleep at her flat, she sleeps on the sofa at The Dog. She wakes in the middle of the night and is certain she’s just heard the voice of her attacker! Has she walked right into the hands of Silas?

It’s clear there’s still a spark between Cindy and Darren, so Cindy decides to eliminate all the obstacles to make him hers…

*Unfortunately, this is all the advance programme information available for this episode from Hollyoaks*

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