Sinead rushes Katy to hospital

Lindsey and Sinead talk and Sinead questions why it’s so hard for anyone to love her. Freddie tells Sinead they should split but she threatens to tell the Roscoes about Joe if he splits up with her. Later, Sinead rushes Katy to the hospital – she’s not breathing. Lindsey tells Sinead that Katy is fine. Back at the boarding house Beverley, a social worker, turns up. She’s relieved when Freddie shows up and seems to put Beverley’s mind at rest. Freddie reassures Sinead that he still wants to be with her, but she makes him promise to stay away from Lindsey.

Trevor tells Tony that he’s going to have a say in the business. Ste reassures Tony that they’ll use the money from the sale of the deli to pay back Trevor. It’s the grand opening and, with the place full of journalists, Tony does his best to impress, but when the lights fail he knows exactly who is to blame.

Tony bursts into the pub where Trevor and Grace are on a double date with Fraser and Sandy and tells the bad boy what he thinks of him. Surprisingly it seems to hit a nerve with Trevor. Later, Tony is devestated about the reviews the resturant has received.

John Paul mistakenly gives his Year 9 class a test for his Year 11 students and Peri is adamant that the exam wasn’t meant for them. She won’t let the class leave until he admits his error.

Also, Nancy prepares to write her first review for the paper.