Sinead sets Jason up on a date!

Sinead is furious when she finds out Jason spent the night with Bart. Determined to keep her man, Sinead insists on helping Jason find a boyfriend and they start with a chat site. Silas is shocked to find Jason searching on the internet and ironically warns him of the dangers. However, Jason is over the moon when he bags himself a date. Sinead is pleased her plan worked but she’s hurt when she realises Bart is jealous.

Mitzeee continues her sabotage of Cheryl in a bid to become event organiser of Riley and Mercedes’s engagement party. Warren catches her and delivers a stern word or two… but Mitzeee laughs him off, she’s never taken orders.

Rhys panics when Neville calls in the rent – he doesn’t have it. He leaves Jacqui decorating in the hope of finding a way round it but his departure forces Jacqui to spend time in the flat on her own.

Although Jacqui is now convinced she has to make the place home, Rhys has some bad news – he and Jacqui need a thousand pounds by the end of the week or they are homeless!

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