Sinead sets up a practical joke for the Deputy Head at Hollyoaks High, but Finn leaps into Rob’s path and instead it’s the Head who’s in the firing line. While Sinead reprimands Finn, they are both disgusted to hear of Amber’s crush on Rob and Finn announces that Rob’s their dad. Later at home, Rob returns with the news of his promotion to Acting Head.

Cindy’s still annoyed at having to sign away her potential fortune and whines to a gobsmacked Steph. When she later moans to Darren, he breaks the news of Steph’s terminal cancer. Having made amends with Steph, Cindy arranges to meet Alistair, but he collapses to the floor with a heart attack.

Steph chastises Cheryl for not spreading the news about her cancer, admitting it would have been helpful. Later, Cindy comes to apologise and Gilly declares that there are plenty of treatments left for Steph. Steph tells him that he has to accept reality and hands him back her engagement ring.

Also, Anita’s disgusted by her mum and issues Duncan a threat to keep quiet; Eva announces she’s got an interview for the role of School Counsellor, but Rob offers her the job of Design Assistant; Anita tells Eva that she never wants to see her again.

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