Sinead takes her first steps!

In the hospital, urged on by Sam, Sinead walks a few steps with the aid of crutches. Witnessing their bond Chesney feels a pang of jealousy. But when the doctor tells Sinead she’s ready to return home, it’s Chesney that Sinead hugs with elation.

Gail prepares for her wedding, but is upset when Audrey phones to say she’s poorly and won’t be able to attend. Meanwhile, Luke marches across the street and punches Andy, ordering him to stay away from Steph. At the registry office Gail arrives looking a million dollars, but when Andy, sporting a black eye, is forced to admit that Luke too knows about his double life Gail despairs.

Kevin’s grateful when Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day, but Sophie makes it clear she disapproves. When a woman compliments Jenny on Jack’s manners, Jenny thanks her, making out that Jack is her son.

Sharif suggests to Roy that they could each have their own allotment if they could persuade Cathy to give her’s up.