Sinead drops hints to Joe about Lindsey and Freddie but when Joe asks his mum if there’s any truth in it, Sandy lies that there isn’t. Sinead steals a car from the garage and tricks Lindsey into getting in, but Freddie sees them and jumps in the back seat. Sinead drives off and they end up at the docks. Sinead slowly wheels the car closer to the edge until Lindsey tells her the truth about her and Freddie. Lindsey is unaware Joe has heard everything from Sinead’s mobile.

Robbie finds out that Pheobe has checked his phone and reassures his girlfriend that all he wants is her, but he secretly wants Nancy. At their next tutorial Nancy and Robbie both walk in on Darren covered in squirty cream, waiting for his wife.

Leela takes Sienna for dinner and gives her Sophie’s address. Sienna asks Maxine to cover for her while she goes to find Sophie but Patrick can tell Maxine’s hiding something.

JP visits Trevor in prison and it’s clear Trevor has been blackmailing him to find out whether Ste killed Fraser. John Paul takes the badger cam footage of The Folly from the date Fraser was murdered and sees Ste with the gun. He finds the gun and rubs off Ste’s finger prints, but inadvertently transfers his own. He buries the gun and tells Trevor that Ste didn’t do it.