Sinead’s first day of college is a baptism of fire as she is vilified for kissing Maddie’s boyfriend at the party. But being the feisty girl she is, Sinead fights her corner – she had no idea who Toby was and eventually patches things up with Maddie.

All is well until Sinead piques Maddie’s interest by offloading about Bart and Jason’s complicated past. She can’t stop herself revealing all their past secrets, unaware that Maddie may not be trustworthy.

Cheryl is still mad at Lynsey and makes it clear to Brendan that she has had enough of her friend and has moved on. But Brendan’s suspicions about Silas are only getting worse and he manages to heal Cheryl and Lynsey’s friendship. But it’s clear Silas still has plans for Lynsey.

Also, Texas shamelessly uses Jamil to make Dodger jealous.