Fiz tells Chesney he was wrong to sell Sinead’s belongings. Feeling guilty, Chesney hands Sinead a hotel voucher he’d bought for the two of them by way of a peace offering. Sinead goes online to book the hotel for her and Daniel, but as she studies the booking calendar, she realises with horror she’s muddled up her dates. Taking Beth to one side, Sinead drops a bombshell that she’s pregnant!

When Adam tells Ken he’s passed his exams and only has one more to go, Ken’s unimpressed, pointing out he cheated. Meanwhile, Tracy persuades Adam to help out in the flower shop.

As Sally prepares for another day’s protesting with Rita, Yasmeen and Erica, the foreman at the building site urges Gary to have a word. With Bethany out of the way, Sarah takes her phone and finds Nathan’s number.