Sinead’s puzzled by Chesney’s behaviour

After going clothes shopping for a new look, Chesney meets Sinead in the bistro for their romantic date. Sinead’s clearly smitten, but is puzzled by Ches’s nonchalant behaviour.

Carla feels guilty about only offering Rob the Head of Distribution job, but when he breezes in and accepts she’s thrown by his humility. Tracy knows it’s a front and when Carla asks her to pick up an expensive order of silk Rob reveals his plan to hit Carla where it hurts. As he organises for the silk to be ‘stolen’ from Tracy’s van she agrees to be part of his scam.

Exhausted at firefighting on behalf of Gary, Tina tells Tommy she’s had enough of being suffocated by the Windasses and is going to reclaim her life, starting with packing her job in at the builders’ yard.

Also, Karl tries to bury his guilt as he hears Dev is struggling to cope with the kids and Aadi’s been in trouble at school. Peter advises Dev to get the twins to talk about their feelings rather than bottle them up.