Sinead’s suspicious of Rob

Sinead’s suspicious of her dad after Eva teases her about his kiss with Amber. She tells Sinead that if she says anything about her and Duncan then she will reveal Rob’s secret. Later, Sinead looks though Amber’s diary where she writes about her kiss with Rob.

Cheryl is buoyed from her night of passion with Alfonse but he’s trying his best to avoid her. In the pub Riley tells Alfonse that he needs to tell her the truth before things get out of hand. When he refuses Riley calls Cheryl over and introduces Alfonse as Uncle Trevor. Later, Trevor reveals he’s married. When Brendan realises, he punches him as Ste watches on.

Rob calls the police to investigate the foam incident at the school disco. Ethan arrives and when he realises Bart’s a McQueen he tells Rob not to waste police time and takes Bart aside. Bart tells him that his friend is being blackmailed and Ethan suggests the friend reveals the secret to resolve the situation. Later, Bart tells Jasmine it’s time she confessed.

Also; Jacqui’s still trying to find Kathleen’s money, while it’s clear Rhys is trying to raise money to help her. At the end of her tether Jacqui asks him for a big favour.

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