Dirty, flirty, two-faced Eve runs the risk of getting both faces slapped by Chas – and she deserves it! First, friendly Eve has a good time during a girly night at Mill Cottage with Chas, Charity and Scarlett. Then Carl comes home. Charity leaves and Chas and Scarlett head upstairs. That leaves Carl and Eve, who’s now wearing her dirty flirty face. Unable to resist the come-on in Eve’s eyes any longer, Carl kisses her. Then Chas calls him. Time to panic? Not at all. Cool Carl calmly lets Eve go and heads to bed. Our advice? They’d both better take classes in self-defence…

Farmer John and Moira are panicking as they’ve discovered Holly’s missing. Surely she’s at druggie mate Roz’s place? Nope. She’s been there begging for money, but Roz chucked her out – she has some standards and Holly’s fallen beneath them. And just how far Holly has fallen is what’s worrying John and Moira.

Lizzie has no worries. Bob’s asked her to join him and the twins on a picnic and then offers her dinner as a thank-you. Lizzie senses a romance in the offing – but does Bob?

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