Sissy, dressed in very little, cooks a romantic dinner for Jimmi. When it comes to dessert Sissy leans in to lick some cream off Jimmi’s face… Ivor suddenly appears and drags her off Jimmi. He tells her off for being slutty and insists she changes.

Ivor cleans Jimmi up and apologises for Sissy. Jimmi thinks he’s safe now Ivor is home but then Ivor puts his hand on Jimmi telling him he knows exactly what he needs. Jimmi is out of the frying pan into the fire.

A repossession man called Darren arrives at Ruth’s new home and refuses to believe that she’s the new tenant. Ruth takes him to the Mill where her identity is confirmed by everyone. Ruth’s relieved and helps Darren try to find the woman he’s after.

Heston tries to help an ailing wigmaker find a new zest for life, but as a result finds himself being stalked by a nun!

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