Sissy decides to forgive Jimmi after his bad behaviour yesterday. They play dolls and for good behaviour Sissy rewards Jimmi with a look at her scrap book. In it are pictures of dolls and babies. Then she points to a photo of Jimmi with ‘Daddy’ written next to it. Sissy tells Jimmi that he’s going to be the daddy of her baby!

Jimmi looks horrified, and she tells him to keep it secret from Ivor! Unknown to them Ivor has heard them talking about some kind of secret and is quietly fuming.

Heston struggles to talk to Lily about a work matter. Michelle witnesses this and sympathises with him. He tells her he has no regrets about his decision and Michelle assures him he did the right thing.

Also, Daniel helps a student suffering from overwork, but after a visit from the student’s autistic brother he starts to doubt the cause of his symptoms.

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