Six Wives

Lucy Worsley's series about Henry's wives contains dramatic reconstruction

Historical dramas such as The Tudors and Versailles are entertaining but you probably shouldn’t base your knowledge of the courts of Henry VIII or Louis XIV on them.

Lucy Worsley’s series about Henry’s wives contains dramatic reconstruction (with a king who looks like Happy Days’ Richie Cunningham), but is based on historical documents and eyewitness accounts.

Lucy is still skulking around Tudor palaces disguised as a servant, eavesdropping on bitter conversations between the king and his first wife, Katherine.

Thinking he’s found a loophole to end his marriage, Henry overlooks two things: Katherine is cleverer than him, and his subjects want her as queen, not ‘goggle-eyed whore’ Anne Boleyn.

Well, as we know, he got his way, but Anne really should have noted the way he so cruelly turned against his wife…