Sky gets annoyed with Boyd

In an attempt to protect Sky, Boyd confronts Caleb and warns him to stay away from her – but his fierce words aggravate Caleb’s heart condition. Sky isn’t impressed when she learns what Boyd’s been up to and gives him a dressing down. And she’s even more outraged when she realises he may have acted out of jealousy. Later, Sky and Caleb realise they have a strong connection with one another that goes beyond their link to Stingray…

Karl begins to get cold feet over having Tom to stay, but Susan reminds him that he’ll regret it if he doesn’t spend time with his dad. However, Karl is upset when Tom arrives and doesn’t even recognise him, believing instead that Zeke is a younger version of his son, which leaves Karl devastated.

There’s still plenty of sexual tension between Elle and Oliver, but when the pair finally give into their desires, Paul finds them in a compromising position. Paul is astonished at Elle’s immoral actions, but then starts to realise he does have genuine feelings towards his daughter.