Sky gets the cellmate from hell

As Sky struggles with the reality of life behind bars, Toadie suggests she apply to have Kerry stay with her in prison. Sky agrees, but changes her mind when she realises Kerry could be at risk in jail, emotionally telling Janelle never to bring her daughter back. Things go from bad to worse for Sky when she finds that her new cellmate is Mary Casey, Pepper’s stalker.

Tom starts to lose it when school pranksters get the better of him, and decides to leave Erinsborough to maintain his reputation. Before he leaves, he bids Susan a sad farewell.

Oliver is outraged when a shaken Elle asks Ned to move in with her following the robbery. But he surprises himself when he realises it’s not just his hatred of Ned which is bothering him – he’s also starting to feel more than just platonic affection for Elle. Could he be falling for her?

Ned attempts to train Janae for her big boxing match but worries that her aggressive feelings for Boyd, will lose her the match. However, Janae ignores Ned’s advice and ends up being knocked out.