Sky is optimistic that fatherhood will save Stingray from self-destruction, and sets out to find him. But she’s shocked when she visits what she thinks is his hotel room at Lassiters, only to walk in on Dylan and Elle in bed together.

Shocked and upset by Dylan’s apparent indifference towards her, Sky breaks down and collapses with early labour pains and is rushed to hospital after Teresa finds her. But while Sky prepares to give birth, Karl is forced to order that Teresa be detained on the psychiatric ward when she angrily turns on Sky and accuses her of endangering her unborn baby’s life.

Meanwhile, Janae tricks Stingray into attending an intervention at number 26, where he’s forced to hear how his drinking problem has affected his family and friends. But Stingray reacts badly to his family’s good intentions, and yells at Janelle who announces he’s got to stay at home until he gets over his problem – even if she has to lock him in. But when Stingray hears that Sky is in labour, he takes extreme measures to escape, much to Janelle’s disappointment.

Elsewhere, Janelle realises she doesn’t really love Lou and admits she can’t compete with Mishka. Later, she tells Lou he should be with his true love Mishka, and Lou realises where his heart really lies.