Sky has a stunning heart to heart

Sky meets Caleb, the recipient of Stingray’s heart, and discovers he’s a skater and not much older than Stingray. Elsewhere, Boyd worries about the unlawful way Caleb contacted the Timmins family, but it seems Caleb was merely desperate to reach out to someone and make sense of his near-death experience.

Sky agrees to meet Caleb again, but is puzzled when he clams up about the accident that put him in hospital in the first place.

Struggling with insecurities and doubts following his disturbing doctor’s appointment, Frazer is compelled to leave town in order to sort himself out. Rosie is left heartbroken, convinced she’s the cause of Frazer’s inability to walk.

Pepper is both infuriated by and attracted to hunky builder Adam, but he’s completely unruffled by her games. Adam wants to date Pepper – all he wants her to do is admit that she likes him!

Harold is surprised when Sky agrees with Janelle’s plan to enter baby Kerry in a baby beauty contest, saying it will be a celebration of her daughter’s life.

Also, Steph obsesses over the person who’s beating her top score in the motorbike racing game.