Sky is close to total collapse

As her wedding preparations intensify, Sky is close to breaking point, finding the stress of keeping the secret of the identity of her unborn baby from Dylan too much. Stressed out, she’s on the verge of confessing to Dylan when she collapses and is rushed to hospital, where Karl tells her the stress is putting her and her unborn baby at risk.

Realising she can’t keep the secret any longer, she prepares to tell Dylan everything.

Carmella reveals to a devastated Theresa that her baby is dead, and her cousin insists Carmella is to blame for the loss. When Sky is admitted to the same hospital ward, unstable Theresa becomes unusually fixated with the young mum-to-be…

Lou is hypnotised, and makes the shocking discovery that Mishka chose her husband over him, threw him down a flight of stairs and told him to find love back in Australia. Lou is shocked by the revelations, and resolves to make a fresh start and decides to move on – with Janelle.

Also, Zeke sacrifices his interest in Bree and worm farms as he continues his model mania, dragging Susan along with him. And Dylan proposes he and Stingray go on a brotherly camping trip, only for Rachel to insist she goes along with Stingray instead.