Sky is left confused

During an appointment with fake psychic Terrence, Sky is dismayed when she fails to ‘contact’ Stingray herself. Terrence is comforting but gets lost in the moment and ends up kissing her, leaving Sky deeply confused and full of self-loathing.

Rosie is devastated when her and Frazer’s first attempts at intimacy since his accident go badly, and she goes to Carmella and Paul for advice. Meanwhile, Frazer runs into his old flame, dodgy doctor Charlotte Stone, who still harbours feelings for him. In a bid to get close to him again, she offers to help Frazer overcome his intimacy problems.

Broke and desperate, Paul continues in his attempts to convince Charlotte to help him regain his lost fortune. When charitable Harold turns up offering him free food, proud Paul initially resists, but hunger and desperation win him over and he finally accepts.

Carmella’s unwitting addiction to the incorrect medication prescribed by Dr Stone grows. Conniving Charlotte is only too happy to supply her with the damaging pills, in exchange for inside information on Rosie and Frazer’s relationship.