Sky is quizzed about Terrence’s death

Unable to clearly remember her attack on Terrence, Sky is questioned for murder. Scared that she’ll be separated from baby Kerry, Sky tries to make a run for it, before she breaks down in grief. Aware she has nowhere to run, Sky considers returning home with Kerry to face the music.

Afraid of being caught for her final blow on Terrence, Charlotte makes plans to skip town only to have her escape thwarted by an unsuspecting Boyd. Unable to reveal why she’s attempting to run away, Charlotte lies to Boyd, telling him her love for him is making it impossible for them to work together.

Charlotte’s relieved when arrogant Boyd believes it, and when she later discovers that Sky is being blamed for Terrence’s death, decides she can safely remain in Erinsborough, free of suspicion.

Carmella is thrilled with herself after successfully wooing potential clients for Lassiter’s, but her elation turns to disappointment and frustration when Oliver tells her he suspects she’s still struggling with her pill addiction. Later, Elle confronts Carmella when she finds pills in her bag. And in an unusual act of self sacrifice, Elle works towards bringing the lovers back together.

Also, bitter Paul plans more sabotage against Elle and Oliver by stealing important documents from Oliver’s briefcase.