Sky is released from prison

Desperate to save herself, Charlotte lies to the police that Boyd kidnapped her and forced her to work alongside him and Terrence. However, little does she know that Boyd has secretly recorded her confession of murder on his mp3 player. The only problem is, that the recorder went missing in the aftermath of the car crash. Luckily, in the nick of time and against all odds, Steph and Toadie find the missing mp3 recorder, and manage to convict Charlotte once and for all.

Meanwhile, with Mary moved out of the cell, Sky no longer has protection and her cell is trashed. After finding a note demanding money for protection, she begs Harold to smuggle some cash into prison, and is distraught when he refuses. But Lou comes to Sky’s aid and is poised to make the money exchange. However, just as things start going badly wrong, Sky is rescued at the last minute by Toadie who reveals that Charlotte has been arrested and Sky can go free.

Karl assumes his boss ‘Davo’ is interested in Pepper and arranges a drink at ScarletBar with himself, Davo, Pepper and Susan to set them up. But Karl is horrified to discover that the target of Davo’s affections is in fact Karl’s ‘older sister’, Susan Kinski.