After Sky has a disturbing vision where Stingray disappears from a family photo, Harold suggests she hasn’t expressed her true feelings for Stingray, and proposes she renew her commitment to him. Inspired, Sky comes up with a unique and rather bizarre commitment ceremony.

Also, Stingray is finding it incredibly tough going through the pre-surgery fast in preparation for his bone marrow operation, especially as his family are enjoying their food so much…

Stingary and Dylan are furious to learn what cheating Boyd has done to Janae and decide to get revenge. They track him down to a Lassiters’ hotel room with Glenn, and proceed to get violent vengence on Boyd by beating him up. Glenn calls the police but when Steiger turns up, even he treats Boyd with disgust.

Despite Pepper’s best efforts to arrange a reconciliation meeting between Rosie and Frazer, a bump on the head causes Rosie to miss the meeting. But when she finally turns up at ScarletBar, she’s furious to spot Frazer and Janae kissing. Later, she tells Pepper she’s giving up on men.

Also, Pepper receives another anonymous gift and comes to the conclusion that Paul is her secret admirer.