Sky prepares for life behind bars

A distraught Sky returns to Ramsay Street and hands baby Kerry to Harold, before being charged with Terrence’s murder. Confronted with the harsh reality of life in the remand centre, Sky resolves to remain strong for Kerry.

But she’s shocked and scared when Rosie reveals that Terrence was hit more than once, with the second blow finally killing him. It seems there’s no way Sky can plead self-defence. Thinking she could be in for the long haul, Sky is forced to deal with hardened inmate Krystal and her cruel mind games.

Relieved that Sky is taking all the blame for killing Terrence, dodgy doc Charlotte is confronted with another problem when Carmella and Rosie demand that she helps Carmella wean herself off her medication.

But when Charlotte is evasive and unhelpful, Rosie threatens legal action. Frightened at the possibility of being exposed as a fraud, Charlotte manipulates Boyd into helping her talk Carmella around. Unaware of the dodgy doc’s true nature, Boyd succeeds, and Charlotte rewards him with a passionate kiss.

Also, Pepper is afraid of falling asleep due to recurring nightmares about Mary, and Rosie decides she’s going to ask Frazer to marry her.