Sky tells Dylan the truth

When Sky finally tells Dylan that he’s not the father of her unborn child, a stunned Dylan promises to forgive her and stand by her if she gives the baby up for adoption instead. Sky is appalled and it’s left to Loris to have a stern word with her grandson.

After his talking to, Dylan realises he may be able to give his relationship with Sky a go and accept her baby as his own, and makes her a tentative offer of peace, suggesting they can go to counselling and try to work through their issues on the condition Sky never lies to him again. But Sky knows she will have to tell Dylan the whole truth about the true identity of her baby’s dad.

Concerned that Lou’s feelings for Janelle might just be an initial reaction to his shocking hypnotherapy revelations about Mishka, Harold urges Lou to be cautious and stay well away from her. Lou agrees, but his resolve softens when Janelle comes to him for support. Meanwhile, Janelle gives the green light to Loris to move into the house on a trial basis.

Also, Stingray’s camping trip with Rachel goes well and Rachel is pleased when he resists the lure of alcohol. And Audrey comes a step closer to accepting Karl.