Carmella visits Sky in hospital and is shocked to discover Teresa is her roommate. Worried her status as Sky’s new best friend might be threatened by Carmella, Teresa confronts her, and Carmella agrees to stay out of her cousin’s life. But when Sky expresses her desire to go home, Teresa decides to use Carmella and tells her that Sky is concealing ailments in the hope she’ll be discharged – Carmella promises to inform a doctor.

Later, concerned Carmella has a chat with Sky who is shocked to learn that Teresa has been lying about having a baby and husband back home.

Worried that Frazer is mixed up in some risky business, Will and Rosetta are adamant that he should leave Number 30, despite Pepper’s protestations. Then, the housemates learn that the mysterious phone call concerned a bet and Frazer was knocked out from a spanner Janae threw over the wall. Frazer voices his disappointment with the housemates’ dodgy assumptions about him.

Carmella enjoys a no-frills date with Will, but has to stop herself from giving in to temptation when he makes a move on her. Curiosity soon gets the better of Will and he makes use of his new keys.

Elsewhere, Bree and Rachel play an itching powder prank on Pepper before Susan spots the class handing round Pepper’s knickers.