There’s tension in the air as Sky, Harold and the Timmins family wait to hear if baby Kerry’s bone marrow transplant has been successful, with Dylan almost crumbling under the pressure. Everyone is relieved to learn that Kerry’s prognosis is good, and Sky is touched when Stingray shows her a tattoo on his arm with she and Kerry’s names on it.

The family holds a joint celebration with a surprise BBQ party for Janelle’s birthday. Stingray sits back and watches his family enjoy themselves when he suddenly loses consciousness. Very unexpectedly, he quietly passes away.

Suspecting she may be pregnant, Glenn holds off doing a pregnancy test in order to test Boyd’s commitment to her, and suggests they move into her parents’ beach house in Tasmania. But when Boyd freaks out at the idea of major commitment to Glenn before reluctantly agreeing, she decides to keeps her pregnancy fears to herself.

Ringo gets fed up when feisty Rachel picks another fight with him over his blogzine, but when she admits she’s only fighting to ‘make up’, the pair share their first proper kiss.

Also, Zeke and Rachel are thrilled when they hear that Susan has accepted Karl’s second proposal.