Kirsty is having trouble sleeping so after a restless few hours, she takes a sleeping pill. But she mistakes the time and no sooner has she popped the pill than Jay rings up to say she’s late for work!

Tess is furious and warns Kirsty she may face a formal investigation, having missed two shifts without a proper explanation recently. So in desperation Kirsty tricks Adam into prescribing Ritalin for a mystery patient, hoping that if she takes it she’ll stay alert and able to work.

But the cocktail of drugs has a disastrous effect and Kirsty collapses in the showers at work…

Mads finds Kirsty and informs Adam. Realising what’s happened Adam is forced to shock Kirsty. He sends her to the on-call room to sleep, but when her husband Warren turns up he has to let him take her home.

At home, an exhausted Kirsty is unable to sleep, while Warren watches her…

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