It’s 1799 and copper Johnny Depp heads to the little hamlet of Sleepy Hollow, which is anything but sleepy thanks to some grisly murders.

It seems that it’s the head-chopping antics of a ghostly headless horseman (Christopher Walken) who’s behind the killings and Depp’s detective Ichabod Crane soon finds himself up to his neck in trouble…

Director Tim Burton’s deliciously creepy horror comedy oozes atmosphere, looks a picturesque treat and serves up some stupendous shocks and twists – not least the abrupt exits of local big wigs Michael Gambon and Richard Griffiths.

Christopher Lee has an imposing cameo and Christina Ricci and Miranda Richardson are also essential ingredients in the heady brew.

The movie’s dreamy mood is mesmerising, while the fact that Depp’s dour, slow-thinking character is anything but a perfect hero is the comical icing on the cake.