Sly Sienna sets her sights on Rick

Rick is shaken when a face from his past, Gazza, finds him and gives him 24 hours to get him what he’s owed. Elsewhere, Rick arrives at The Dog and asks Nancy for a few hundred quid in return for his silence about their night together. In the village, Darren discovers Sienna stole his medication and launches at her. Rick arrives to pull him back but when Nancy sees the two men grappling, she fears Rick has spilled the beans. Sienna can tell Nancy and Rick are hiding something and asks Rick to go for a drink, which ends with them kissing.

Nana, Mercedes, John Paul and Matthew move into the Boarding House and John Paul starts his job as a teacher at the adult learning centre. But can’t believe it when Danny is there too – they’ve been double booked for the same class. Meanwhile, Nana can see Ste still has feelings for her grandson and tells him to go for it. When Ste sees John Paul and Danny looking friendly in the village he thinks he’s too late.

Tony is curious when Sinead offers to hold the fort at The Hutch. She tells him the more time she spends with him, the stronger her feelings get. Desperate to remove temptation, Tony suggests that Sinead moves out.