Tracy decides a good place to meet David would be Charlie’s old flat forgetting her dead ex has it under CCTV surveillance from the days he stalked Maria. She gets the keys from a suspicious Jason, after telling him she needs to get some clothes out, and he watches her on the monitor. He is bemused to see David trailing in after her. Tracy has arranged for Adam to call pretending that Amy is unwell so she can escape the schoolboy’s clutches. As she leaves, she tenderly kisses a deflated David on the doorstep and Jason watches aghast.

Steve is hopeful he’ll be providing the shoulder, among other things, for Michelle to cry on but when the barmaid overhears him boasting to Lloyd, she tells him what a smug pig he really is.

Leanne makes an offer on No 7 claiming she’s been working in property while she’s been away. She tells Jamie she’s buying it as an investment to let out, and he has first refusal on renting it.

Sonny tells Sean they could be a proper couple now.