Smiles Of A Summer Night

When Lynette kicks Tom out of her chemotherapy session for being a bore, all of her friends offer to be her ‘chemo buddy’, except for Gabrielle. When Gaby reluctantly shows up and starts displaying some odd behaviour, Lynette confronts her, and Gaby admits that she’s scared of losing her. Lynette insists she won’t.

Over breakfast, Julie asks to go to a party in the neighbourhood and, while Susan says yes, Mike thinks it’s a bad idea as he suspects it will be a wild one. Susan still lets Julie go – but only if Mike doesn’t know. Later, Susan and Mike are enjoying a ‘date night’ and Susan proudly shows off her new, bigger pregnancy breasts.

When Mike says he’s relieved Julie isn’t at the party as it’s getting out of control, Susan panics and makes an excuse to go and get Julie. Over at the house, Susan’s new boobs lead her to be mistaken for a stripper. Meanwhile, a concerned Mike is waiting up having received a call saying that Julie has left with a stripper.

Later, Mike tells Susan she can raise Julie however she wants – but he hopes they will make joint decisions for their child.

Also, Gaby and Carlos continue their trysts at her house but they’re almost caught by Edie. Vowing that Edie will not ruin his chances of getting back with Gaby, Carlos pays a hit man to get rid of the problem.