Sergeant Smithy is asked to work undercover in order to expose a gun-running racket, but it’s a risky operation, so he’s given a whole new identity, and DC Stevie Moss to act as his girlfriend. Former gun-runner, Billy Figgis tells the officers that a violent man called Kieran Wallace is the man Smithy needs to get in with.

Billy takes Smithy to meet Wallace, who’s suspicious when Billy claims that Smithy will test the smuggled guns. Later, undercover Smithy is blindfolded and bundled into a car by Wallace and his gang. Wallace decides to test Smithy by demanding he strips a gun – blindfolded. Will Smithy be able to keep his cool and pass the test?

Elsewhere, Pcs Nate Roberts and Ben Gayle find a driver, Becka Davis, who claims she’s been attacked in her home. Becka’s boyfriend, Rick, becomes a suspect but then officers question Jeremy Williams, who openly admits that he broke into Becka’s house but claims they met in an internet chat room where she told him to attack her.

The officers realise that someone has been posing as Becka on the internet to set up the attack – but who? And why?