Smithy lashes out at one of his own!

In the aftermath of the illegal immigrants’ riot on the Westgate Estate, Sergeant Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith is still struggling with his attack on people trafficker Jason Devlin. Should he confess to his bosses or keep quiet? Smithy carries that tension into a training exercise and lashes out at Sergeant Callum Stone. Callum knows what Smithy did and thinks he should keep quiet about it but Smithy’s conscience says different…

At Sun Hill, Jason Devlin is making an official complaint against Smithy. DCI Jack Meadows and DI Neil Manson want to believe Smithy’s innocent but Jason has a witness to back up his story.

Jack sends DC Stevie Moss to ask Smithy if he wants to change his statement before the case goes to court. Stevie’s already said that Smithy was a hero during the riots, saving her life and Jason’s. She doesn’t want to ask Smithy if he has been lying but she has to. Will he tell her the truth?

Back at the station, Superintendent John Heaton is keen for his officers to put Jason Devlin and his father Matthew behind bars and not just because he wants to see justice done. John has a new job as the head of a unit which will target human trafficking – and he wants Inspector Rachel Weston on his team…

Story continues on July 16.