Smithy meets Leanne Samuels one year on

Sergeant Smith and DC Kezia Walker question Ellie Gladstone about an assault on cab driver Barry Holworth but when they realise she’s been lying, they head to the support centre on the Jasmine Allen estate, where she works as a volunteer. Smithy is nervous as he approaches the centre as Leanne Samuels, the mother of Carly, who was killed in a drive-by shooting a year ago, helps to run it.

Although Leanne is delighted to see Smithy for the first time since Carly’s murder trial, she is keen to know what he wants with Ellie, who makes a run for it when she spots Smithy and Kezia. But as the officers catch up with her, a stash of money falls from her pockets. Back at Sun Hill, Ellie tells Smithy that she didn’t steal the money from Barry and doesn’t know anything about his attack.

Frustrated with the way Ellie is being treated, Leanne insists that Ellie did not attack Barry; she’s a reformed character, even helping her sister, Carmel Daly, to look after her daughter, and Leanne starts to lose faith in Smithy, which saddens him. Back at Ellie’s house, the girl finally admits to attacking Barry but says she struck out with a bottle in self defence when Barry tried to sexually assault her in the back of his cab.

Ellie swears she didn’t steal Barry’s money but, in shock, she ran off, leaving him unconscious. But the officers are confused when the prints found on the bottle turn out to be Carmel’s – not Ellie’s…