Smithy risks blowing his cover

Still working undercover with arms dealer, Darren Cutler, Smithy is having a meeting with dangerous gang leader Bob Gatting, when Kieran Wallace bursts in ranting about the gun that was planted in his car. Later, Smithy meets Cutler in a bar to discuss an arms shipment, and DC Stevie Moss, posing as his girlfriend, arrives to talk about the operation.

Later that day, Gatting and Cutler tell Smithy that the guns have arrived and he will need to meet arms dealer Dimitri that night to collect them. Smithy is ordered to go alone while Gatting and Cutler wait for confirmation that the goods are in before turning up with the money – and Stevie will be staying with them as ‘insurance’.

That night, as Smithy prepares to meet Dimitri, an angry Kieran turns up with a machine gun and demands that Smithy come clean about his involvement in the operation. When Smithy lies that his uncle Cutler planted the gun in his car to stitch him up, an armed Kieran storms out and drives to the bar that Gatting, Cutler and Stevie are in.

Smithy jumps into a car and manages to stop Kieran before being forced to reveal he is an armed police officer. As the truth dawns on Kieran, the two men find themselves in a standoff, guns pointed at one another until a shot is fired…