Smithy smells trouble at the E1 club

Sergeant Dale Smith and his officers are at the E1 club to deal with a disturbance and find Andy Brennan badly beaten in an alleyway. Sergeant Callum Stone is in another part of town, investigating the theft of a very expensive watch from the home of Oliver Robinson.

What’s the link? Well, at first glance there doesn’t appear to be one. But then the police discover that Andy has the missing watch. And, as Smithy questions the club owner, Jason Devlin, he discovers that Andy was with Oliver in the bar the night before. Was it Oliver who attacked Andy?

Smithy and Stone put their heads together and discover something surprising: Andy and Oliver are brothers. But why wouldn’t they say so? They return to the club and find Jason’s father Matthew there. He doesn’t have much to say, but what Jason reveals leads the officers to believe he gave Andy a hiding just for chatting to his girlfriend, Abi Nastase.

Interviews with Abi and Pete Copperfield, the club barman, confirm their suspicions about Jason being a nasty piece of work but, with no hard evidence, Jason remains a free man. The investigation takes a dramatic turn, though, when his club is burned to the ground. Was the arsonist targeting Jason – or someone else?

Story continues on July 2.