Smithy tackles the Jasmine Allen estate

Sergeant Smithy goes to the aid of Tito Morientes, who’s been slashed with a knife outside girlfriend Alisha Danniels’ house party on the notorious Jasmine Allen estate. Young Carly Samuels leads Smithy and the other officers to a man, Eric Benton, who is pursued by the officers but manages to get away.

Pcs Nate Roberts and Emma Keane later find a badly beaten-up Eric, who admits to stealing Tito’s money – but insists he didn’t knife him. The slash on Tito’s back is identical to a ‘tag’ that Carly’s boyfriend, Marlon Reed, uses but, when questioned, a smug Marlon tells Smithy that the police have nothing on him.

After Carly tells Smithy that she plans to leave Marlon, Nate bumps into Pcs Sally Armstrong and Beth Green who are patrolling the estate. Suddenly, the officers hear a screeching car, gunshots and screaming. Also on the estate, Pc Diane Noble and Smithy run to the scene and are stunned to find that Carly has been shot.

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